Yucky, icky pests! How to identify and get rid of them…

Although some people would consider mealworms themselves to be pests, there are a few other creatures that can interfere with your thriving colony.

Grain/meal moths

These are small, grey, triangular-shaped moths. Their larvae look like little white inchworms and spin a web in the bedding. If you have a moth infestation, you will see moths fluttering around, and you will find webs in the bedding. These moths don’t eat fabric, but they can infest your own food, so make sure your kitchen grains and cereals are sealed tightly. To get rid of the moths, set out meal moth traps (pheremone-based glue traps available in most hardware stores) and kill any adult moths you find. The moth larvae are very difficult to find in the mealworm bedding, but if you find any, remove them right away. Be sure to kill them, because unlike mealworms, they have sticky feet and can climb out of anything. You may find the moth cocoons stuck in the corner between the wall and the ceiling.


Mould is often caused by too much humidity in your container. If you find mould growing, try using a drier vegetable as your water source. Leave the top slightly ajar to let air flow through. Finally, get rid of any obvious mould you see and replace it with fresh bedding. If mould becomes a big problem, it may be easiest to get rid of the bedding and start anew.

Have you had any other pest problems in your mealworm farm? I would love to hear about what you saw and what you did about it.

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