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  1. Hi Abigale- I loved reading about the research about what the beetles eat. Actually, the reality of the beetles was kind of surprising. I hadn’t really thought much about what the mealworms grow into. The recipe was a little hard to take, the speading onto the baking sheet….. Care of them was a bit overwhelming too- sifting the poop…the bedding being their food, the nasty moths that can infest the mealworms, whoa. I love that you are doing this though, and I like the look and the user friendly website.
    I’ll keep checking back for more info and more recipes.

  2. Nice site Have you tried comparing nutritional values of different feeds for your mealworms? I use thicker substrates like rolled oats for my beetles and I use a mixture of wheat germ and cornmeal for my larvae. They’re both relatively cheap and they make for easy sifting. The only downside I’ve recognized is the inability to remove the waste.

    Also, you stated on your Care Page that the adult beetles cannot fly however this is incorrect. The adults rarely will fly but they are capable of flight.

  3. Hi Aby, I am in kenya, and i found your site to be very helpful. Hey, which species of worms are the best for human consumption, Red wigglers, night crawlers?

    1. Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately I don’t know very much about eating those types of worms. I know red wigglers are good for composting, but I don’t know if they’re great for eating. Despite the name, “mealworms” aren’t actually worms – they’re the larvae of the darkling beetle. If you look closely at a mealworm, you see 6 tiny legs at the front of their body. I hope you can find some mealworms in Kenya!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of that but I’m really curious about it now. These little mealworms have so many applications!!

  4. Hi i work at a local school, the science teachers have to teach students about insects for part of there GCSE. As i am in charge of the garden and the anamals, i think it would be a fantastic idea to keep insects and show students how to keep them, Harvest them and cook them. Would you recomed Mealworms to do this with.

  5. Burial is becoming expensive and ties up a plot for 100 years! Cremation and acid dissolving have carbon footprint and toxic effects. What about disposing of people using meal worms?

  6. I have my mealworms in a big tub on my screened in porch. I use oats and put in newspaper. I have noticed when I turn everything that there is a strong ammonia smell. What do I need to do differently?

  7. Can you consume mealworms intended for birds or pets without getting sick? I think I read somewhere about the possibility of getting salmonella or getting sick from the chemical-y formulas they feed them? If this isn’t true please let me know, and as soon as you do? I’m going to sautee some for dinner lol!!

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